Journalism schools stop perpetuating the status quo

Courageous professional journalists of color and their allies have for years called out news organizations for their workforce homogeneity and prevalent culture that ignores, undervalues, and/or stereotypes marginalized communities. Journalism students have joined this fight. In 2020, we saw numerous examples of students taking a stand. Forty-three student journalists quit the NYU student newspaper after a racially charged clash with their academic adviser. At Arizona State University’s journal

Newsrooms take the comments sections back from platforms

Journalism’s public trust problem isn’t going away. As the war on truth escalates, news organizations are going to have to counterattack on multiple fronts to win back audience trust. In 2019, journalists will need to to be the aggressor in three areas. News literacy. Journalists’ and the public’s naiveté about online information warfare has to end. News literacy in the digital age requires an understanding of how misinformers and propagandists are using our open communication networks to manip

More news organizations try civilizing online comments with the help of social media

ESPN this week becomes the latest major news organization to rely upon social media to help civilize its online comments. Starting Wednesday,'s 25 million active users will have to log in through a Facebook account if they want to participate in online conversations on stories. Patrick Stiegman, editor-in-chief of, said by phone that three factors drove the company’s decision to switch to Facebook for commenting.